Diving Services in MD
Complete Underwater Yacht Maintenance


Hull Cleanings

We offer a variety of maintenance programs such as Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Bi-Monthly cleanings, which involves removal of scum and barnacles from hull and running gear. The benefits of these programs are less fuel consumption, maintaining boat speed, and saving money from costly haul-out fees. Depending on the age of your paint and the usage of your boat, we would be able to recommend which maintenance program is best suited for you.

Zinc Replacements

Zincs keep electrolysis under control and are a necessity for boats that remain in the water. We will supply the zincs at prices compatible with marine stores.

Prop Replacements

We will remove your old props, get them reconditioned if requested, or replace with new ones.

Search & Retrieve

Search for and retrieve items dropped overboard; such as keys, glasses, boat accessories, etc.

Running Gear Cleaning

Cleaning of props, shafts, rudders, intakes, transducers, trim tabs, and speed wheels.

Underwater Inspection

Inspect condition of hull and running gear for damage, clogged intakes, etc.

Minor Repairs

Removal of items around props and shafts, and any repairs that can be done in the water

Emergency Service Available