Underwater Yacht Maintenance


Welcome to DMH Dive Services, your home for complete underwater yacht maintenance. We are centrally based in Kent Island, Maryland, but serve the entire Chesapeake Bay region in Maryland and Delaware. Don't stress about the things you can't see because here at DMH Diving, our goal is to offer a variety of services that keep your boat running smoothly. Continuous care of the bottom of your boat will help maintain boat speed, minimize fuel consumption, but most importantly, save you up to 50% or more on costly haul out fees.

Boat owners take pride in the beauty of their boats above the water, and we take pride in maintaining it below. Although the bottom of the boat may be out of sight out of mind, when preparing for a weekend of rest and relaxation, or even a week's long excursion, having the security that your boat will run smoothly is priceless.

DMH Diving will give you that security and peace of mind!

DMH Dive Services in MD